Community College Of Skill Development

Vice-Chancellor’s Message

YMCA University of Science and Technology has been in existence for the past 48 years and consistently been contributing towards creation of competent engineering professionals and entrepreneurs. An Institution that had a humble beginning as a post diploma institution and famous for generating skilled technical human resource for the industry has been elevated in 2009 as University of Science and Technology to further create competent human resource in diversified areas of Science & Technology. The competence of the University has been recognized at various levels by the agencies like UGC (grant of 12B status), accreditation (NAAC Grade ‘A’), NIRF (best ranking amongst State Engineering Universities in Engg. Category), etc.

Apart from creating highly qualified professionals, we are involved in imparting basic technological skills for underprivileged section of the society through its Community College of Skill Development where helping our students to fulfill their ambitions and dreams are our top priority. Real education is that which enables one to stand on one's own legs.” - Swami Vivekananda. We work with students to design customized educational plans that meet their individual goals.

In a rapidly advancing world around us, new technologies are emerging and rapidly discarding the old ones. People with new perceptions are pursuing the ambitions for better world. We, in Community College of Skill Development, are aware of this and endeavoring our outmost to participate in these changing processes. We teach, train and prepare the students to a level where they can handle any circumstances independently to attain advanced degree of brilliance in professionalism. The University is committed to promote modern innovations in teaching learning processes, cultivate research & development culture.

The contemporary design of our skill labs, smart classrooms, conference rooms, research and teaching areas etc., is an integral expression of our assurance to creating a physical environment that can uphold the fabrication of learning and acquaintance in the 21st century.

Here at Community College of Skill Development, we inspire visions, ignite curiosity, motivate actions and define the promise of tomorrow. I extend a cordial welcome to the students joining the Community College of Skill Development and wish them a very promising and successful professional career and life.